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Past Projects


Rainwater Catchment Tanks


In our most recent project, we worked closely with Nuevas Esperanzas and FNE International to implement several 5000 Liter ferrocement water storage tanks within El Jicaral, a rural Nicaraguan community. These tanks collect and store non potable water during Nicaragua's rainy season, so that it may be easily accessed throughout their dry season. Two tanks were fully implemented in May 2017, along with external gutter systems, and four more in December 2018.  


Purified Water Filters


Our team worked alongside Aqua Clara to implement  Facility Filters in several Nicaraguan communities, including Monte Hermon and Felix Pedro. These filters served to purify incoming water within a larger system of pipes and output safe drinking water through multiple spouts. The work done in this project ultimately led us to and served as a foundation for our next project of rainwater catchment tanks. 

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